How to lose weight

Losing weight with KetoMix is very simple. Because ketosis means that you burn fat and you will achieve this state within just a few days by eating our meals. You don’t have to be afraid. The name may appear complicated, but it is actually very simple.

From fat to fit

How does ketosis work?

Ketosis is a completely natural state if your body does not have sufficient carbohydrates. Your body then has to replace them with something else in order to obtain sufficient energy. And the KetoMix diet is based on this principle. All our meals are low-carbohydrate and so you will maintain your carbohydrate intake below 50 g a day throughout the diet.

Your body will automatically start to replace the carbohydrates it lacks with ketones as a source of energy. And these are produced from your body’s fat stores. You will lose weight during any activity..


Choose and order KetoMix food products.

You will find many low-carbohydrate products in our e-shop. All our meals have a balanced ratio of proteins, minerals, vitamins and fibres and are completely free of harmful chemicals. Customers recommend KetoMix protein cocktails as the tastiest on the market and they are perfect for sating your hunger. You will also enjoy our other food products - from protein bakery products and biscuits, to pasta, bars, porridges, soups, crisps and many others. All KetoMix food products are developed to have balanced and practically identical nutritional values. This means that it is up to you which foods you will eat to lose weight. If you only want to drink cocktails throughout your diet, then that is not a problem. And if you want to enjoy your diet and make it varied, you can also try other products. You can either buy these in specially priced packages, or separately. The quantity of meals you will need depends on the duration of your diet.

If you don’t know how best to schedule your diet, use our BMI calculator to find out how many of our meals you will need to lose the required weight.


Keep the first phase of the diet

The first phase of our diet is the simplest and also the most effective. You will be eating any KetoMix meal five times a day, up to half a kilogram of vegetables and 30 g of nuts or seeds. This means you don’t have to think about your diet at all, you will enjoy your meals and won’t feel hungry. The only rule is that you always eat every 3 hours.

The duration of the first phase

At least one week and a maximum of 8 weeks. This means you will need 35 to 280 portions of KetoMix meal products - depending on how long you intend to stay on the first phase of the diet. The higher your excess weight, the longer we recommend you stay on this phase of the diet..

Ketonová dieta na 7 dní

35 portions

7 day keto diet


70 portions

2 week keto diet

Ketonová dieta na 3 týdny

110 portions

3 week keto diet

Ketonová dieta na 4 týdny

140 portions

4 week keto diet


Lose weight during the second phase of the KetoMix diet

The second phase is more moderate, but still very effective. You will eat our meals three times a day and use the recipes you will find in the KetoMix Magazine or in the manual to cook another two meals. You can also gain inspiration from our video-recipes. You can look forward to eating meat, eggs, fish, dairy products or cheese.

How long should you stay in the second phase?

The second phase should not last less than one week and the maximum period is based on the duration of the first phase. Both phases together should not last for more than 14 weeks. This means that if you hold the first phase of the diet for 2 weeks, the second phase should not last for more than 12 weeks.


Maintain your weight during the third phase

The third phase is no longer a diet, but a transition to a healthier way of eating, which you should maintain for the rest of your life. You will find recipes for meals you can eat, without fear of gaining weight, in the KetoMix Magazine. You don’t have to be afraid; it will be easy. Thanks to the previous two phases, you will have learnt to eat regularly, drink enough fluids, eat vegetables, choose high-quality sources of protein and, most importantly, avoid sugar. Now you simply include healthy side dishes, fruit and your new lifestyle is here.

From fat to fit

Why choose KetoMix?

KetoMix is a unique Czech diet, which offers countless fully-fledged and very tasty protein meals. Making these will not take longer than five minutes, which means you will have enough time for yourselves. KetoMix food products do not contain harmful chemicals and are completely gluten-free with the exception of buns and pasta. You do not need milk to make our meals. They also contain all the vitamins and minerals your body will need when on this diet.

  • Effective weight-loss without feeling hungry or the need for physical exercise.
  • A rapid and permanent result without a yo-yo effect - if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Food without harmful chemicals.
  • We also offer products suitable for coeliacs, vegetarians and vegans.
  • Assured intake of the required vitamins and minerals.
  • Meals take less than 5 minutes to prepare.
  • Our nutritional consultants are available all week.
  • A complete diet programme delivered to your door.

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